Enjoy a new stream of income with this monetization strategy.

If you are unsure about NFTs, check out this short video!

The first NFT that you list will require you to have $5 of BNB (BEP-20) worth in your crypto wallet for a one-time fee (so that your wallet can be initialized). If you need to obtain some BNB, follow this guide.
Once you have some BNB, navigate to the Create NFT page, making sure you’re using the correct network (Binance Smart Chain).
The following information should be added to your NFT:
  • NFT Title
  • NFT Description: You can use this space to describe the content.
  • Perks: On CumRocket, you can include perks with your NFTs. This can include anything from a virtual girlfriend experience, facetime calls, a free dick rating, or anything you can imagine that can add value to the NFT; within the limits of our TOS.
  • Media File: The media that your NFT will display. Supported file types include: png, jpeg, jpg, MP4, MOV, WMV, MKV, PDF max file size 200MB.
  • Categories: Categories are used for filtering content, so make sure the categories you have chosen are relevant to the NFT!
  • Permalink: The URL your NFT will live at, for example: cumrocket.io/nft/your-nft-title-goes-here
Once you have finished, click Create & Publish NFT - it will display as “NFT Creation in Progress”.
Then, proceed to List NFT for Sale, you will be given options to set the NFT on an Auction or as a Buy-It-Now sale, input the relevant fields and click Continue. Accept all the prompts that appear and allow a few minutes, if you get an error please refresh and retry.

You can delete unsold or unlisted NFTs if you change your mind, click the three dots at the bottom of the NFT and select ‘remove NFT’.

Every time your NFT gets resold, you will receive a portion of the sales, for life; these are called royalties and are automatically sent to your crypto wallet!
Currently, creators on CumRocket earn 5% on resales, however in the future this number will be able to be set by the creator.
For example, if your NFT gets resold for $100, you will receive $5. This is on top of original NFT sales where creators can benefit from 85% of the sale.
If you have any issues or queries, don't hesitate to contact [email protected].
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